Open Letter to AWEurope and Google/Makani at AWEC2019
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Oct. 20, 2010                    Dave Santos

Makani as AWEurope member: AWEarth membership next?

Odd for a California AWE company to be a member of a European AWE organization, but the AWEC2019 AWEurope Closed Session includes Makani as an inside member. Does this mean more world players are welcomed in? Not likely, this EU-Google clique goes way back to 2010. If they actually wanted everyone (they don't), they would better have called themselves AWEarth, hereby claimed a TM in Open-AWE_IP-Cloud.

Moderator:     "TM" :: trademark.   "AWEarth" is a trademark (TM) in Open-AWE_IP-Cloud
Oct. 15,2019               Dave Santos

Open Letter to AWEurope and Google/Makani at AWEC2019

To Closed Session of AWEurope at AWEC2019: Please Forward to Full Membership

This year has seen major mishaps of high-risk high-complexity AWES architectures; a low- MTBF statistical pattern long predicted by various expert stakeholders. Especially menacing architectures are the premature scaling down-selects of Google's Makani and AWEurope's leading venture insider members, like Ampyx, Kitepower, and TUDelft.

Breaking with Aviation Safety Culture tradition, AWE venture crashes are being covered-up; no public crash videos, no formal exhaustive Mishap Reports, no shared Failure Mode Analysis, no open Flight Logs. Implicated AWE investors and engineers face increasing finacial, legal, and moral liability for guilty knowledge and wrongful secrecy over privately-known specific risks. Not only are human populations like Valkenburg and Waimea being put at risk, but the hype-driven venture capital ethos in AWE has long been unfair business competition to the majority of small lower-risk lower-complexity AWES developers.

This Open Letter is a call to AWEurope and Google/Makani to finally cease and desist from venture secrecy in favor of a truly open and excellent AWE Aviation Safety Culture. AWEurope is asked to require of its members full disclosure of safety issues, including open third-party expert investigation of mishaps and safety practices, open publication of Mishap Reports and FMA docs, and detailed Flight Logs inspectable by parties with standing (domain-experts, impacted-communities, decision-makers). Openness will also help weed weak hype-dependent architectures out.

Thank You for resolutely undertaking AWE Safety Culture reform within AWEurope circles, before undue tragedy forces reform on you.

Dave Santos
kPower CTO
Austin, Ilwaco