"Ockel's Dream": TUDelft and Kitepower shift testing to Curacao

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Nov. 1, 2019                             Dave Santos

"Ockel's Dream": TUDelft and Kitepower shift testing to Curacao

Wubbo Ockel's dream will surely flourish in Curacao, if anywhere, given world-class consistent and strong trade-winds, and critical need for locally sourced energy. Not so certain is what AWES architectures will prevail, but Kitepower is first up.

Just where on the island is Kitepower operating? Looks like maybe the airport, since air traffic is low, and AWE is simply a new branch of aviation to accommodate in shared airspace. Local observers needed to report what the venture does not. Local media coverage is probably already activated. Kitepower still processing the aftermath of its Valkenburg crash. Curacao will determine if line wear and single-line failure-point are chronic faults of the TUD architectural down-select.

Revealed in linked page is how Kitepower has finally moved to a RAT-charged control-pod.

Wubbo Lives!

Will Ockels’ dream flourish on Curaçao?