Norwegian Kite Curse?
Sept. 8, 2019     Dave Santos

Norwegian Kite Curse? Crash Casebase Doubles Overnight.

The day M600 failed to return to its perch, "for reasons beyond control", was not the first weird Norwegian kite mishap. A 2010 man-lifting case linked below may have started The Norwegian Kite Curse. GoogleX moonshot genius again found golden opportunity- Crash in Norway; blame The Curse. Curse or not, KiteMill treats crash statistics confidentially, under settled AWEurope Playboy Venture Doctrine. Then came TUDelft's KitePower historic "Doomsday LEI" Urban Runaway Demo, that could not be wholly hid, but whose Mishap Report remains under wraps, and websites scrubbed. A third geographic AWES crash point is all that is needed now to declare a full-blown kite Bermuda Triangle around Daidalos Capital.

What actual evidence exists of a Norwegian Kite curse? Check out the relentless demonic laughter in the 2010 Manta Ray clip below. Case closed.

Just sayin' :)

Manta Ray flying and crash in Norway

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