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  • All are invited to add to lists of how tethered fluid kinetic energy-harvesting machines are called in the literature by inventors, developers, consumers, AWE-sector writers, hobbyists, dreamers, science fiction authors, reporters, promoters, sellers, historians, authors, scientists, physicists, technicians, engineers, government authorities, aviation authorities, users, pilots, entrepreneurs,  tinkerers, machiniists, futurists, AWEIA, popular press, scientific literature, progressive forums,  …
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aerial RATs      
aerial WECs
airborne ram-air turbine
airborne wind-energy conversion systems
airborne wind energy generator
airborne wind energy 
airborne wind energy systems
airborne wind power
airborne wind turbine
air device
ascending-descending pumping kite system                                 yo-yo
buoyant air turbine
crosswind kite
crosswind towing
deep dive wing
electrical kite
energy drones
energy kites
energy kite systems
energy transfer system
flying electric generator
flying electric generator
flying energy generator FEG
flying generators
flying turbine
flying WECs
flying wind drones
flying windmills
flying wind power plant
flying wind turbine
ground-based generator kite systems
ground-based winch-generator kite system
HAWT high-altitude tethered wind turbines
high altitude wind energy
high altitude wind energy systems
high altitude wind power 
high altitude wind system
high flying turbine blimps
industrial kite systems
kite-based wind energy
kite energy devices
kite energy machine
kite energy machines
kite generator
kite hang gliders
kite power system
kite powered system
kite propulsion device
kite propulsion system
kite-towed ship
kite turbine
kite turbines
kite wind energy
kite wind generator
kite wind power
lighter-than-air wind energy system
low-altitude tethered wind turbine
man-lifting kites
meteorolical kites
power generating kites
power-generating kites
power kite
practical kite
practical kite systems
pumping kite
renewable-energy kite
renewable-energy kites
renewable-energy kite systems
scientific kites   
sky sails
tasked kite system
towing wings
tethered airborne module
tethered airfoils
tethered aerogenerator
tethered atmospheric energy harvesters
tether-based generator kite system
tethered energy device     (TED)
tethered energy device system
tethered energy drone
tethered energy drone systems  (T.E.D.S.)  (TEDS)
tethered energy fans
tethered energy harvesters
tethered fluid deflectors
tethered fluid energy-producing machines (AWES with "air" implying broadly fluids and fluid-like media)
tethered flying wings
tethered hydrokinetic energy harvesters
tethered media deflectors
tethered media energy harvesters
tethered undersea kites (TUSK)
tethered vanes
tethered water turbines
tethered wind energy
tethered WECs
tethered wind deflectors
tethered wind energy generation system
tethered wind energy generator
tethered wind energy systems
tethered wind energy turbine
tethered wind-powered aircraft
tethered wing
tethered wings
tethered wings energy generators
tethered wings energy harvesters
traction air device
traction kites 
Twing      (tradename formed from tethered wing)
wind drones
wind-energy drones
wing-based generator kite system
wired airfoils
working kite
working kites
working kite systems

"Parallels can be drawn with hydro kinetic devices or even micro fluidic devices and MEMS…
But AWES are airborne.
Scaling affects everything.
So we can’t easily generalise between types.

IMO The scientific analysis of AWES devices is currently lagging far behind design engineering."     Rod Read    

Ed adding:  faces one sector of AWE, the direct generation of electricity from kite systems.  Other sectors of AWE are not addressed by this video.

March 10, 2020, post by Dave Santos

Modern Lexigraphy accounts for multiple meanings to the same words (homonyms). For example, a battery charged by a conventional HAWT, then carried up by aircraft, can be correctly called a case of “Airborne Wind Energy”, without undue contradiction.

There is no authority (word police) to decree otherwise, that “AWE” can only mean what one party insists. Joe and I, as originators of “AWE”, do not oppose anyone from using AWE as they wish (no censorship). Its a logical fallacy to argue from any one definition of AWE, as alone true.

Joe and I agree that to us AWE properly began with biological evolution, the broadcasting of airborne spores and seeds, that developed into complex insect, bird, and bat migration. Tailwinds to us capture ~5% of aviation fuel market. Kite toys and sports are AWE to us. Our urgent quest for utility-scale electrical power is just a latest major aspect of AWE. We have no problem keeping track of “AWE” usage in any identified context.

Saving billions of pounds of jet fuel may be the top AWE app so far, and powering the planet may be next. Its exciting to be in between these AWE phases, seeing the present clearly in order to shape the future. Its a huge joy to fool around with kites; pumping, pulling, and lifting for fun. That’s AWE too. Let no one despair except those who will not fly kites.

The power kite has not failed AWE. Judge Joe and my predictions for large-scale AWE to succeed in the 2030 timeframe, not the premature claims of others. We are not product developers. Its enough to us that there are talented developers of small AWES products now (ie. Kiwee), circumnavigating sea-steads (Race for Water), polar-exploration platforms (Inuit Windsled), and players like Airbus as early adopters (ship-kite delivery).

What a fantastic new AWE technology is blossoming in our time.