Mooring Engineering    (with an eye toward AWE)
  • Mooring water hulls and floating platforms is a form of kiting; studying mooring with an eye for AWE may prove fruitful. The huge "wings" are the hulls and platforms; the mooring lines are the tethers; mooring lines are anchored. The media for the hulls and platforms is a combination of water and air. Also, there is a "wave" media dimension.  Tethers or mooring lines are variously in water or air or both. Anchors also vary in media: seabed, water, artificial wharf-based, etc.    We may also envision traditional aerial kite systems as a realm of mooring water-based hulls and platforms.  And there is overlap as one might see in, say, kiteboarding; may we deal with such in other topics while having a focus on traditional hull mooring for this topic space.
  •  [we have yet to read it]
    Mooring System Engineering for Offshore Structures, by
    Kai-Tung Ma, Yong Luo, Thomas Kwan, Yongyan Wu.
    Gulf Professional Publishing, Cambridge, MA, 2019, 346 pp., ISBN: 978-0-12-818551-3
  • "Mooring System Engineering for Offshore Structures is the first book delivering in-depth knowledge on all aspects of mooring systems."
  • See Here.
  • Off-shore mooring lines 
  • Catenary mooring system
  • Taut-leg mooring system
  • Semi-taut mooring system
  • Spread mooring system
  • Single-point mooring system
  • Dynamic positioning system
  • Running mooring  [look to kite Fig. 5 of Payne and McCutchen]
  • Mooring equipment and maintenance for such
  • Designing mooring systems
  • General images  
  • Snap-back incidents
  • Safety
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