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It appears that material assets will be up for auction at end of March and beginning of April:
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Feb. 20, 2020, post by Dave Santos

Makani had intended to develop a 5MW version of its architecture (M5), hoping for a competitive unit-plant compared to HAWTs. Tallak can be certain that engineering scaling laws greatly prevented the M5 from development. Makani announced missed milestone after milestone during its 13yr run, due to well-understood aerospace challenges scaling up and automating aircraft.

Public measured comparison of Wing7 and M600 power curves would surely reveal severe square-cube scaling losses in efficiency, and that Makani likely will only share those power curves with Shell, who itself is under Google NDA, no doubt. The most experienced observers do know what happened. ~300M was plenty to prove informed doubts correct.

It seems very unlikely Shell let all Makani workers go, while intending to continue M600 development. It is time to spend money across all AWES architectures for systematic fly-off. Let the surviving M600 fleet be a part of that.

Ed adds:  The Shell Game ? /04/alphabet-x-clean-energy-mo onshots/
Feb. 19, 2020, post by Dave Santos
Google AWE Big Fail; who knew? "Right Stuff" aviation community, in 2009, on early AWES Forum.

Parties on heavily-censored New Forum seem not to have predicted Makani would fail, and are expressing shock and dismay. Aerospace and kite experts knew better, from the start (2007), and the failure was baked-in in 2009. Google has credibly shown to non-experts that safe reliable high-complexity AWE is decades premature, wildly dangerous and expensive, and will not scale well.

Low-complexity Open-AWE remains on-track to prevail at industrial scale on a ~2030 timescale, based on Critical Path and TRL metrics. Venture capitalist censorship of critical engineering perspectives still prevails in AWEurope conferences, and the new AWES Forum, but the field will only move upward, as losing ideas and ventures are relentlessly vetted.

=== Early AWE Forum Archives ===

Senior Boeing Engineer, Chris Carlin, chimes in with Dave Santos, on how Makani would never make it, just a day after they disclosed the losing M600 architecture in 2009. Open criticism as shared with dozens of aviation, kite, and aerospace pros. 

On Mon, 3/9/09, christopher carlin  wrote:
From: christopher carlin
Subject: Re: Makani's high-risk approach disclosed
To: santos
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 11:07 AM

Off hand I must agree. Why carry the generator and wiring up in the air when you don't need to. Minimizing weight and equipment aloft has to be a primary objective.



On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:07 AM, dave santos wrote:
King of AWE (Airborne Wind Energy) hype, Makani Power is finally revealing its top-heavy technological approach to nonspecialized audiences while actively withholding key information about safety & reliabilty of its designs from the better informed AWE & aerospace community.
What are they hiding? Low MTBF, severe scaling limits, high flying weight, & nightmarish handling scenarios are just a start. Then what's up with "routine" test flying in Maui? Sweeeet, but surely not too smart or sustainable. But, hey, its Google dollars.
While poorly funded, its probable that the global open-source AWE folks have the better solutions & Google/Makani's deep-pocket VC hack gamble to go it alone, in secret, will prove mistaken. Lets hope open science wins by sheer brain power & nobler culture.
Stay tuned....

Feb. 19, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Google closes Makani
Teller said, some will "stay on for a few months to package up what they've learned so others can build on it."
Some headlines about the closure:

Google parent company Alphabet ends support for Makani kite-power project
Alphabet acquired Makani in 2013.

Alphabet takes the wind out of its Makani energy kites   

Makani and its energy kites are parting ways with Alphabet

Google parent drops kite-power pioneer Makani    

Shell mulls Makani energy-kite future as Google drops 'moonshot' project   

Alphabet Shutters Its Energy Kite Company, Makani    

Google parent company Alphabet ends support for Makani kite-power project    

Energy & Science
Google Shuts Down Its Moonshot Wind Energy Unit Makani    

"Alphabet Inc. is shutting down Makani"

Google's parent company is shutting down power-generating kite subsidiary Makani: 'The road to commercialization is longer and riskier than hoped'

Alphabet pulls support for Makani wind kites, Shell might continue development

Alphabet winds down energy kite division
Makani’s tech could be taken on by Shell

`Financial Times:   Alphabet shuts power kites moonshot project

Alphabet shuts down its power-generating kites project
Los Angeles Times

Makani's time as an “other bet” comes to an end | Hacker News

Alphabet cuts cord on power-generating kite business

Google parent withdraws support for kite power outfit

Alphabet abandons Makani’s energy-making kites project
Inceptive Minds

Future of Airborne Wind Energy in Doubt as Google Parent Drops Makani
Green Tech Media

Airborne Wind Energy in Doubt as Google Parent Drops Makani

RIP Google Makani: Perhaps The Entire Airborne Wind Energy Space Will Finally Disappear      Michael Barnard

Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company, Axes its First “Moonshot” Company  

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