MOSFET Analogy to AWES Operation Principles
Sept. 8, 2019      Dave Santos

The Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor is a valuable analogy to AWES theory, with much shared fundamental energy physics. This note takes the Old Forum idea a bit further.

A MOSFET Gate, an extended metallic surface over an insulating layer, corresponds to an AWES Power Kite. Charge applied to the Gate, "harvests" Current flow. The "Wind" a MOSFET operates in is the Current and Voltage potential of the overall circuit.

Kite Wind is "Current". Kite Pressure can be modelled as "Charge". The mechanical or electrical power flow to-or-from* Upper Wind is "Current". "Voltage" is pressure gradient or shear. And so on.

Many of the concepts and equations governing MOSFETS and other semiconductor devices will usefully apply to AWE and extended kite tech. Analogies are never perfect, but often quite effective.

* driving, pumping or reverse-modes