Liberty Kite Yacht AWES

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Beyond the Sea
Nov. 13, 2019               Joe Faust

  • The LibertyKite Second Generation
  • Job offers: Recruitment
  • "Beyond the Sea will soon start the “SeaLab” of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. The goal is to create and use a boat self-sufficient in energy, zero emissions, and connected, to be used as a test platform. It will be used to develop new innovative technologies oriented towards the maritime market."
Oct. 30, 2019                 Dave Santos

Re:  Liberty Kite Yacht AWES

Bravo to Yves Parlier for bringing new design energy into the ship/yacht kite mix. Like KiteShip and SkySails product lines, yacht kites are naturally part of the wing-family offerings. Yves has left his clumsy LEIs behind for a hybridized KiteShip SS and Skysails/North Parafoil* design, just the sort of new wing past speculation here has hoped for, and has been prototyped in DIY kite-surfing. Initial LibertyKite pricing is predictably a bit high, and the early builds a bit crude, but its sure to become a sweeter dirt-cheap power wing fast, with many cross-imitators in all soft-kite sectors, from snow-kites to paragliders. Yves did not fully invent this new sea kite type, but he sure seized on it with the acute discrimination of a sailing master, and made his own.
* Zero bridling is a KiteShip feature, and the two square ram-air intakes are strikingly SkySails in appearance. A third line to the center TE would allow variable (de)power control.

October 30, 2019            Dave Santos

Liberty Kite Yacht AWES

Ongoing evolution of a sea-kite system with an admirably advanced hybrid wing construction of a parafoil LE and SS TE. Note kite displaces power-boat mode more naturally than flying with a sailboat rig interfering. Sea-kites and regen electric-drives are a fine opportunity to retrofit cheap unloved "stinkpot" boats for a New Golden Age.

Thanks to PierreB for noticing this on the New Forum