Lever-driving Groundgen AWES
  • Old forum has mention of several arrangements where ground levers are driven by the taut tether of moving wings: lef-right, up-down cycles. The lever would drive pumps or electric generators.
  • Advance this realm?
  • Notice how this family of AWES does not using pumping reeling of line. And this family does not oscillate the tether set.  The method uses the direction changes of tether to cause a direction change to a lever; the changing direction of the lever may drive a fluid pump or an electric generator. Or the lever could crack walnuts. Etc.
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Feb. 4, 2020, post by Joe Faust

Galloping ribbon arch kite having levers in line with the                                          wing will drive the levers in cycles in one direction and then the other direction as the gallop occurs up and then down in cycles. Use such lever-direction-changing cycles to pump fluids or drive an electric generator. Recall for some scaling the idea of counterbalanced levers. as siggested bu Dave Santos in the old forum.