Land Use Under AWES Operations
  • Safety

  • Insurability of an AWES operation while respecting the land use beneath the AWES operation?

  • Mitigations?

  • Risks?

  • What uses may be made safe for the land beneath an AWES installation?

  • This topic in similarity case mode has been under discussion for centuries as kite systems were used recreationally and scientifically. Kite festivals frequently have officers policing space beneath kite system operations. Special areas are often bordered with visible flags and the like.
  • If land must be sterile of use when an AWES is installed, then the land costs (rent, lease, purchase) is to be included in the cost of the AWE operation and its products/services/energy. What is an AWES' true costs when land-use is fully respected?

  • Towered wind energy allows agriculture and other operations to be fairly near the towers.

  • It has been noted that large powered aircraft fly over populations regularly; if the planes crash into a city, then awful things result. The planes are allowed to fly over cities because risk assessments pass muster by authorities. Those aircraft are not buying, renting, or leasing the lands they fly over.

  • Airports are dedicated lands; they cost something; that cost is ultimately portioned to aircraft users and aircraft-service consumers.

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March 13, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Brainstorming mitigations for uses of land beneath AWES installations
  • Grow crops; harvest crops when AWES is in downtime.
  • Grow crops in greenhouses where the ceilings bar against injury in case of tether and wing falls.
  • Live underground in the AWES operational space.
  • Have water works in the land area: evaporative pools (salt mining,   fish farming, e.g.)