Kitty Hawk Corporation  

October 4, 2019                 Dave Santos

Kitty Hawk- Google/Makani Spin-Off into personal E-Flight

Yet another Google "secret project", indistinguishable from PR hype. Makani's M600 tech lead, Damon Vander Lind:
This past year has been spent testing and refining the aircraft and, as Vander Lind puts it, “trying to make it crash.” It’s a goal that they have yet to accomplish.
“This thing is really robust,” Vander Lind says pointing to HVSD before turning his sights onto the nearby helicopter. “On the helicopter, there’s a little bolt on top, and if you unscrew that, you take the cotter pin out, we all die.
So leave the cotter pin alone and live. Why Damon's M600 crashed in Norway is the real secret, how they successfully "made it crash". What happened to Joby's original me-too e-fliver? Secret. At least Dr. Moore is frank about Uber's flying taxi being nowhere near airworthy.