Kitepower, B.V.

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"As of 9 July 2019, we were cleared to fly again. But we keep an open communication to all authorities to keep improving our system and processes."
See report of incident HERE.
Nov. 25, 2019                                 Joe Faust

Kitepower 100 sq m wing
Setp. 17, 2019       Dave Santos

This AWE Mishap was far more than an "unfortunate" software bug and mechanism glitch. Kitepower's Report does not yet meet the highest standards of Aviation Mishap Investigation, as this historic precedent-setting event deserves. The investigation can not be considered complete: As quoted, "This is not an investigation report ", so we are looking towards the full report.

A few comments at this point-

- No auto or manual safety-brake or drag on winch spool.
- No emergency tether cutaway at kite to prevent surface dragging.
- Power surge state-space inadequately modelled and designed for.
- Electrical safety load did not activate digitally (passive circuit would have activated).
- Tether dragged by 60m2 power kite in high wind (extreme hazard not identified nor explored)
- No Runaway Kite Plan; dense population in harm's way, single line runaway failure statistics.
- Control pod mass hazard unmitigated by padding at free-fall or whiplash velocities.
- No pictures of (roof-pod) structural damage, no mass value for control pod, etc.
- No references to existing aviation safety norms, regulations, TACO, etc.
- "IP" and reporting format limits should not effectively become cover-up excuses.
- Data graph unreadable in PDF.