Kiteplane Challenges
M 28061    Aug. 24, 2019     Dave Santos
Kiteplane Overshoot vs Stall in Short-line State
Critical AWES flight dynamics not previously identified or formalized continue to emerge. "Overshoot" concept in fighter plane dogfighting is the latest applicable example.

Kiteplanes must maintain a relatively high minimum velocity or crash. Too much flight velocity risks overshooting the kite window and too little velocity risks stalling. At shorter tether lengths the shrinking margin between these two failure modes even disappears in worse-case designs, much like the Clashing Rocks of the Odyssey. Smash-landing at speed at the anchor point is not a great solution. This is a very serious flight-envelope dilemma for kiteplane design.

Low mass soft kites have a distinct short-line mode that can be problematic (or tapped), high Dutch-Roll Instability in high wind, not to be confused with the kiteplane short-line overshoot-or-stall challenge.
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Kiteplane Dynamics predicted from classic Fighter Maneuvers