Kited HAWT      
(kited horizontal-axis wind turbine)
Care is to be taken to appreciate "horizontal axis" as meaning "axis of rotation is parallel with the apparent wind" as distinguished from some VAWT that have rotation axis simply alligning with the earth's horizon sometimes like tumbling wing. So, until practiced, just seeing an axis that is horizontal is not adequate to capture then topic of HAWT. That is, a VAWT may be situated with its axis horizontal or vertical relative to the earth's surface and zenith; VAWT generally have the wind line perpendicular to its rotational axis. HAWT have the wind line parallel to turning axis of the moving wings.   Examples and drawings and links for all discussion matters are invited to be sent in messages to the editor for possible posting. Great!
  • This topic could cover a very wide chunk of energy kite systems. Branching the topic into particular kited HAWT systems will probably occur.

  • Some careful distinctions will be being discussed, no doubt. How much slanting away from true horizontal will still be considered horizontal for the axes of rotation for turning parts?

  • Will the HAWT parts of the kite system be the wing set that is lifting? Or will the HAWT parts be lifted?  

  • Will the HAWT parts that are kited be generating electricity aloft or will the HAWT parts be mechanically driving a groun-placed generator?

  • Shall we call the system that is a kited HAWT a "HAWT" and later note that the system achieves its HAWT nature while being kited aloft? Conventional contemporary wind energy towered HAWT are sometimes noted as HAWT machines. Fine, but it is a neat thing to know whether the machines involved are kited or hard towered for placement into the wind (or water or other fluid).

  • Many patents have featured kited HAWT. Those may be brought forward by participants in the discussion.

  • Discussion groups have displayed experimental AWE using HAWT. Those matters may be resurrected in this discussion topic.

  • Flygen Kited HAWT.    Groundgen Kited HAWT.   And systems that integrate both flygen HAWT and groundgen HAWT.

  • A kite system might feature a productive HAWT part as a tail of a lifting wing. Or as a part that is rigged as line laundry stabilized in some way. Or as parts strongly integrated with main kite tethers canted some to be part of lifting of masses or rigged as normal HAWT but mass lifted by lifting wings of the kite system. Or a HAWT might be mounted onto kytoon wings exteriorly or interiorly (BAT, e.g. of Altaeros).
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