(water) Kiteboarding Technical Gems 
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March 20, 2020, post by Dave Santos

Early followers of online AWE discussion will recall “Pete” Lynn (Peter Lynn’s son) in 2004 envisioned a sustained flight mode based on a kite (or kites) orbiting over a suspended payload. Pete’s theoretic flight mode has since evolved in kite sports into the standard Heli Loop, now taught by kite pros. Many other applications remain possible.

A Heli Loop flight control tutorial-
How To HELI LOOP / DOWNLOOP / LANDING LOOP FOR BIG JUMPS BIG AIR Kitesurfing | Get High with Mike   

Here is a more advanced heli/mega loop tutorial with admirable analysis and nicely overlaid graphical animations-
Ultimate Kiteloops. Episode III. From heli-loops to megaloops.

March 19, 2020, post by Dave Santos
Sign of the Times: Walking on Water

How else, anywhere the wind blows? One might "raise the dead" "by means of kites" as well :)
                       How To Jesus Walk (Kitesurf / Kiteboard Tutorial)