Kite-Tracted Yachts
  • We urge elsewhere kite-tracted boats, kite boarding, kite-tracted ships, etc.
  • What yachts of note have used kite systems for traction?
  • What yachts are in the planning stage for using traction kiting?
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    • "Test of the new WingCommander RC full electronic Kite-Control-System. Boat: Airon Marine 42 , Weight: 12tons, Length: 42"(12,5m) , Engine: 2x400 hp, Consumption: 100-120l diesel, Wind: 5-9knt, Kite: 13.5sqm, Boat-Speed 4.5knt"
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Feb. 29, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Yacht being planned will feature traction kiting

  • Zero Emission Super-Yacht
  • Zero Emission 65m Eco-Expedition Super-Yacht
  • Sky-Sail system is mentioned in the specifications.
  • "1MW Smart Traction Kite (propulsion assist power) = 1 MW "
  • "and a 1000 kW inflatable traction kite for propulsion assist. This yacht will be able to move through the water at 12-14 knots by simply using the Sky Sail. Allow the propellers to spin freely while SkySail is deployed and you can be making electricity with your propulsor/hydro-turbines."
  • The linked paper cites "SkySails: SKS 160 Kite Drive for Yachts "
  • We link PDF at SkySails-Yacht for "Kite Drive for Yachts".

So, the planning recognized the two opportunities of both traction and electricity generation from energy kite systems.  They did not mention lifting, observing, or fishing from the kite system; nor did they mention the potential of recreational riding the kite system.