Kite Lines as Conduits

  • transmit, distribute, convey
  • methods
  • arrangements
  • line design
  • purposes
  • effectiveness
  • costs
  • reports
  • plans
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Feb. 6, 2010, post by Joe Faust
Kite lines: conduits for what?  And how?

Form kite lines in different ways in order to transmit, distribute, or convey various things: gas, electricity, signals, information, tension, water, food, fuel, construction material, light, entangled photos, Internet packets, animals, plants, people, wings, lines, batteries, powders, flags, posters, cameras, instruments,  ...

  • And rotating lines convey torque for various purposes (make electricity, mixing, drilling, ..
  • Lines may convey fresh lines.
  • A line may by  itself  convey location information.
  • A loop line may be a conveyor belt.