Kite Eurekas
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March 25, 2020, post by Dave Santos
kite eureka ~3562, never gets old...

Note tri-tether junction. Vibrations or control inputs bypass static load, no pulleys needed. Knot is total genius. Steampunk-Alien tech. Next kite lift demo concept-of-operation principle, rigged and ready to test-
Triple Tri-Tether Pick-and-Place Experiments
Typical kite test, trying to photograph and fly a weird rig in radically turbulent low (or high) wind.

Triple Tri-Tether Pick-and-Place with 2.0 PL SS power kite was eventually shown to work nominally earlier today. No pulleys are needed, its the tin-can-phone corner-effect, where load and signal are multiplexed.

The first photo proved elusive. First it took many tries to line up shot short-handed, then the touch-screen shutter-button would not work, try after try.

Have paid the dues, photo will come soon. This really does work. AWE simpler than anyone has ever imagined possible. Nothing can stop it, except that you have to like kites :)