Kite Cold Chain

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Dec. 29, 2019,  post by Joe Faust
  • During the heat of the day have food or medicine wrapped in reflective foil and fly the items up in the cooler airs.
  • Walk from A to B; have cooled items flying above during the trip; arrive with the items cooled by upper airs.
  • Evaporative cooling: have water-wet bag being blown by the upper wind obtained by use of kite system. Cool important items by the cooling effects of evaporation and upper cooler airs.
  • Tow a load of goods in the upper air by kite from A to B. The goods stay in the upper cooler airs.
  • Block the sun by kited wings to keep things cooler.
  • Use kite energy to drive a ground or aloft refrigeration machine.
  • Lift a human or animal to upper airs to escape scorching ground-level heat.