Japanese Antarctic Research adopting AWE

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November 3, 2019                      Dave Santos

Japanese Antarctic Research adopting AWE

On page 113 of the AWEC2019 Book of Abstracts, the Japan Antarctic Research Expedition reports years of kite-based meteorological research experience, and is introducing flygen recharging to data-collection, next intending groundgen AWES adoption. AWE collaboration with Spanish Inuit Windsled Antarctic program is in email discussion.

Polar AWE is really advancing fast by the most basic kite methods, like NPWs and pilot-lifted kite-trains. No doubt this progress will spread south. Yet again, as KiteShip, Skysails, and kite sports have proved, skilled kite riggers and pilots can do serious AWE with TRL9 COTS components, while bespoke energy-drone automation will long struggle to mature.