Topic                   Apply "int-kite" and share here.
ite:  a design, innovation, and discovery tactic
Integrate things into kite systems to effect good. Consider anything; explore what good might be able to occur when the considered thing is smartly integrated into a kite system. Such actions exercise int-kite. Try int-kite and share with others herein.
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Dec/ 5.2019         Post here is by   Joe Faust
Int-kite over "thingX"

Integrating a thingX into a specific kite systemY forms a resultant XY. Of XY one may explore what good might be effected by operating XY in some particular environment.  Having "thingX" as a variable and kite systemY as a variable with domains that are very numerous generates a domain for XY that is quite large indeed  What good will be discovered by courageous explorers of the XY space? The X domain of today is large; the future X space will even be larger. Similarly for the Y domain; and thus the XY domain will ever grow. With and without artificial intelligence (AI) the XY domain may be examined. Luminous findings may surprise product developers using int-kite.  Int-kite describes a process that has already been in play in the AWE world. Yet, int-kite may more systematically be exercised.

To play first with int-kite, choose at random some particular thing; choose some particular kite system. Integrate the thing into that kite system. Explore the resultant.

Example:     Nine-inch toy latex air-filled balloon.   One-meter wing delta kite system with its single line to a simple static earth anchor.   Integrate the balloon into that kite system. Ah! There are very many ways an integration might be accomplished!  Exploring the various integrations will result in some new specific net  kite system. 

For one of thousands of potential integrations: Exploring: note that the balloon may be attached at the base of the tether, perhaps at earthy buried terminal point of the tether with the balloon buried in the soil.  Fly the system in some particular environment. What might result?  The balloon may lose inflation over time and result in a stopping of the anchoring; the wing and line and deflated balloon then might travel away from original site. Such operation and sequence of events might serve some good describable by a creative thinker.

Another effort with the same balloon and same raw initial kite system. Now integrate the ballon at a point  two meters up the tether away from the anchor point. Fly the new system in some chosen environment. Explore what goods might be describable from the new integration.   Perhaps the balloon could serve as visual marker to warn  people of the tense kite line. Or serve as a marker for a corner of an activiy field.  Or serve as an archery practice target. Or _____?_______.

Or another effort:  Integrate the ballon with the kite system at 30 m up the tether; have the wing flying at tether point of 100 m.   Gradually the drag from the balloon will reduce as the balloon loses air. The start shape of the tether will be on average with a sharper angle than at a later point when air is lost from the ballon. What good might be describable for such a resultant process?  Teaching students force vectors?  Gradual allowance of wing position changes as the balloon gradually deflates? Someone might describe a good from such changes.

Or another effort: Integrate the balloon to the kite system by attaching the balloon to the wing on the wing's left side only. Observe a possibly large change in the motions of the resultant combination. How might that new resultant motion serve good?