How to Become a Kite Systems Maker

How to Become an AWES Maker
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Dec. 14, 2019,                post by Dave Santos
Secret Life of Kites- yet another weird story

Joel Sholtz recounts his start in Austin; how his first kite seamstresses found each other, at nearly million-to-one odds, and Peter Lynn found sticky rice in his shoes.
How I Became a Kite Maker  
Dec. 14, 2019.         post by  Joe Faust
Nancy's Corner - Paul Fieber, Kiting Enthusiast & Kitemaker
Dec. 14, 2019,      post by Joe Faust
Master Japanese kite maker teaches Denver students
Traveling all the way from Tokyo, Mikio Toki wants to share his skills with students around Denver.
Dec. 14, 2019.    post by Joe Faust
Kite-maker took 40 years to become a master of his trade
Zaialan Ramly
Dec. 14,2019,      post by Joe Faust
The good kite maker
Dec. 14, 2019,        post by Joe Faust
Oldest Kite Maker Ustad Ali Nawab Sahab from Lucknow, U.P. India | Shabaz Niyazi    (video)
Dec. 14, 2019,  post by  Joe Faust
The Kite Makers of Beijing
Kites are far more than mere children's toys: glimpse the Beijing native keeping an ancient craft alive
Dec. 14, 2019,   post by Joe Faust
Third-generation kite maker keeps old craft alive   
Dec. 14, 2019,   post by   Joe Faust
Trevor Osborne…A passionate kite-maker for over 34 years