• "concept that combines multiple drones with a single tether to access wind energy at higher altitudes."

    "GreenHyve is a far of airborne wind energy systems designed to meet the year-round energy demands of TU Delt. The farm is made up of nineteen units, each unit consists of two gliders which reel our a Y-tether to ppower a grounds-based generator."
  • rigid kited wings
  • ground-gen pumping
  • team of 11 aeronautical engineering TU Delft students   #GreenHyve
  • Team: Thomas, Xander, Erik Jan, Linde, Thomas, Pranav, Daam, Mart, Wesley, Richelle, and Caroline
  • 2020

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Jan. 30, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Re:   GreenHyve

The 11 students call the wings of the kite system: "glider" which term would apply if the wing was in free flight.    I have not yet seen a note regarding their escape procedure that might include gliding rather than kiting; but, indeed, a dis-tethered kited wing form for effective gliding is a well known tactic (e.g., tow sailplane and then release the sailplane, tow hang glider and release to free-flight gliding, etc.). 

The concept of GreenHyve holds gross tactic that is well rehearsed in the literature: twin-kited wings using Y-tether format.   The GreenHyve team calculates that 19 of such systems could provide substantial energy enough to power TU Delft.  Together, the 19 systems would form a kite farm or AWES farm.

We await notes concerning launching and landing the individual two-wing AWES.