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The Future of the World
Is Truly in the Hands of Our Youth

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Dec 13, 2019          post by Dave Santos
Article encouraging many

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SMT007 Magazine, November 2019

The Future of the World
Is Truly in the Hands of Our Youth

Beginning rough notes posted by Joe Faust,  Dec. 13, 2019 :

Student: Dylan Nguyen, age 14, and his borther Cardin, age 12.
Dylan started kiting at about age 10.
Project:  Kite: Powering the Future.

Washington State International Kite Festival, 2018.

Rod Thrall, "master show kite builder"
Movie: Big Hero Six, Disney   Dylan had seen Altaeros' BAT in Disney movie..    Trailer video: that reportedly held a turbine in the air.  Aerial energy!
Big Hero Siz by Disney featured BAT from Altaeros

"Dylan's project placed first in energy at the 2019 Intel Northwest Science Expo as well as a Ricoh Sustainable Development Award."
Award:   Naval Excellence in Science and Engineering Award  Office of Naval Research, US Navy and Marine Corps
Project:    Kites: Powering the Future
Student: Dylan Nguyen
School:    Rosemont Ridge Middle School  
Teacher:  Jessamyn Van Hook
                                   Source of data:
Dylan Nguyen: Kung Fu Dragon | 2018 Brookings

Dylan Nguyen video channel

16-Strings Stack Demo | 2019 Southern Oregon Kite Festival