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Fly Tractor
  • Kite systems serving agricultural needs.

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March 25, 2020, post by Dave Santos

The modern farm is based on ICE tractors that do many jobs by reconfiguration with countless external add-ons to do every kind of  Ag work. Power-kites are inherently traction devices, and have similar potential to drive farm work. Since 2009 concept space is called Kite Ag [KiteLab Ilwaco]. The new term for a Kite Ag power kite is FlyTractor (SkyTractor already a cropduster TM).

In the FlyTractor concept, a quiver of kites matches varied wind conditions, and the kites interchangeably connect to a variety of Ag devices to power them. Every basic Ag function is doable: plowing, seeding, cultivating, spraying, irrigation pumping, milling, hauling, and so on. Furthermore, a FlyTractor can drive remote farm electrification without fuel.

The FlyTractor concept can be implemented at ultra-low capital and operating cost, bring powered Ag in reach of the poorest farmers. Kite Ag replaces Ag fossil fuel dependence with clean wind energy. Kpower is the developer of FlyTractor Kite Ag, with ten years of foundational R&D.