Figure 5 of  Payne and McCutchen's
US 3987987
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Feb. 22, 2020, post by Dave Santos
Chris Carlin AWE R&D lesson; great Fig-5 Similarity Case

Senior Boeing Engineer, Chris Carlin, is a key mentor to many of us in AWE a decade ago. His long and heroic career was full of major aerospace research, like developing large scale wind turbine reliability, and flying full size airliners as drones, for fiery crash tests.

Perhaps Carlin’s most valuable lesson to AWE R&D was to seek Engineering Similarity Cases to heuristically assess feasibility, and to reuse engineering methods. In AWE, this started with study of giant industrial trawling nets, as mega-kite analogues.

Finding Similarity Cases continues to help us find ways forward in AWE. The latest is a USP3987987 Fig-5 Similarity Case, Reaction Ferries, rigged similarly as a cross-current paravane at MW scale. Reaction Ferries have been around for centuries, and prove the Fig-5 cable-rig works quite well, at a substantial scale:
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Feb.15, 2020, post by Dave Santos
Leonardo's fig5 paravane

Fig5-variant kite translating along arch-line, cargo bridge:
Reaction ferry with some attribtion to Leonardo
Traghetto di Leonardo in Imbersago, Italy

Traghetto di Leonardo, Italy, a historic reaction ferry attributed to Leonardo. Fig5 paravanes in fact date back centuries over large regions. Estimating larger later versions operating in strong rivers can approach 1 MW. An optimized parafoil model could zip across. Will try J-foil across a stream on a tight line, to go hot. Reaction can pump irrigation too.     Reaction_ferry
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Feb.12, 2020, post by Dave Santos

Fig-5 crosswind power-kite cableway motion is a great testing contender.
Max Langbein's wide anchor trajectory surface offers optimal cosine gain. What a great paper, calculated numeric superiority along with key operational concepts for tow-launching and flying in calm.
kPower prediction: 3r project will match tested result to numeric prediction. Fig-5 motion by tri-tether is a top AWES method.
Feb. 12, 2020, post by Dave Santos
Reaction Ferry fig5 Similarity Cases

Same topology as Figure 5 [US3987987] kites has worked powerfully for centuries:
Reaction ferry  
Feb. 10, 2020, post by Dave Santos
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