Direct-Up-Wind (DUW) Modes

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Nov. 3, 2019               Dave Santos

New Direct-Up-Wind (DUW) Modes

Consider a DS looping kiteplane with high-velocity and high mass-density. It can penetrate well upwind of its anchor-point, far overflying its kite window. During the upwind phase, an anchor-vehicle can surge-tow DUW, then hold ground or momentum as the kiteplane harvests energy downwind. Nice physics demo, if not a very practical method.

Kiwee could also do DUW, by drive-wheel gearing. Could be practical. The two ideas could race each other upwind :)

KiteMotor1 accidentally reeled itself DUW, when the drive-loop knot jammed at the groundgen. I think at 2007 WKM One Sky Festival.