Diablo non-Yo-Yo Vertical Paths with Static-Length Tethers
  • Aim: maximum use of airspace and landspace.  Could this compete with laddermills?

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March 10, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Diablo non-Yo-Yo Vertical Paths with Static-Length Tethers for Mains and Working Lines

Have either central diablo or spread to two rounds. Have either one or two anchors for the two main tethers.

kPower sketch of non-yo-yo Diablo in one format

 Diagram happens to show one anchor for the two mains; and diagram shows one diablo PTO rather than a spread two round scheme. The main tethers stay static length until wanted otherwise occasionally. The working line between the two working kited wings stays constant until wanted otherwise. Line wear points are reinforced. Wings are controlled to use vertical paths to maximized region space use.
This topic was not included in Pierre’s topic as the present deal is non-yo-yo AWES.

Open for analysis. Open to experimental use by others.