AWE Conjectures           
(kind of table of contents for conjectures)
  • This forum welcome AWE works to share their conjectures on topic.
  • Thanks for letting the wider AWE community wrestle with your conjectures.
  • You may support the thinking behind your conjecture or not; others may gladly wrestle with your conjecture. During the wrestling over your conjecture, we may advance AWE sciences and arts beyond our initial expectations.
  • We can dedicate a specific topic to each conjecture that receives some extended attention. In the focused topic, the conjecture may face discussion that may tend to support or undermine the conjecture.  We will link hereon to the focused conjectures when appropriate.

  • So, this topic herein will be a kind of table of contents for conjectures in AWE.   Do you have an AWE conjecture?

  • A conjecture may be signed or not. It is fine to sign a conjecture.  "Who said THAT?"   We might not know who originated a particular conjecture.  And some conjectures might seem like everyone is saying the same thing, but proof has not surfaced; consensus may not have arrived on the matter either way, for or against.

  • Argue for or against a given conjecture; argue the best one might.
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C1.  AWE will one day win economically over towered wind turbines for generating utility-grade electricity.   

C2. Groundgen AWES will one day prove to be better at generating utility-grade electricity than flygen AWES.

C3. Dominantly soft-material wings for AWES will one day prove superior economically to rigid-wing AWES.

C4. Network AWES one day will prove superior to farms of single-line AWES for generating utility-grade electricity.

C5. KiteMill will need radically to change its technology one day to stay in the AWE big-utility game profitably.

C6.  AWE is in an infancy in 2020 despite the huge dollar investments in AWE.

C7.  Graphene will one day remake AWE.

C8. In 2030, there will be more than 10 AWE research centers that are not yet active in AWE in 2020.

C9. Circumnavigation of Earth will be accomplished by FFAWE.