AWE commentaries by Michael Barnard
                                                                                   Mike Barnard
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Oct.15, 2019                  Dave Santos

Barnard's latest public AWE fatalism

Pretty sure TUDelft is not using MikeB's reasoning as curriculum, as he wildly claims on Quora, and not just for for the deep flaws Dr. Moore identified on behalf of academic AWE. Only Doug and occasionally Pierre have ever been so fatalistic. The rest of the world mostly likes kites, right up with puppies and kittens.

In fact AWE is on the critical path long predicted by some of the most informed parties, with large-scale commercial deployment quite likely by 2030, given trending metrics, never mind high early costs. In fact AWE in the form of tailwinds already displaces 5% of aviation fuel. Across the Northern Hemisphere, birds are winging south on seasonal wind. Thus noting the commercial Bird Watching industry, with 60 million aficionados accounted in just US alone, is boosted by AWE, not to mention all the cool kite sports with many millions of fans.

AWE is not that hard, just learn the ropes, and be a true Child of the Wind, that helps-

>>  How close are we to commercially using airborne wind energy?

Mike's scoring matrix image: HERE

MikeB also seems to have dyed his hair, if not yet changed his AWE thinking. He reprints his dubious scoring matrix. Do the Math: Modern HAWT- 25 to AWE- 95.

AWE wins :)