Atmospheric Electricity by Kite
  • Preliminary scratchings:
    • Atmofpherical Electricity
    • Encyclopaedia Britannica, Or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature
      Volume 7.  1810
    • Cavallo
    • Franklin
    • Mr. Loammi Baldwikn                  1771
      • midst of a large bright flame of fire  [or the like]
    • Bennet                                    1788
    • electrometer
    • coated phial
    • difference in clouds
    • electrical kites
    • charging coated phial
    • wire in kite string
    • thick fog and frosty weather
    • Mr. Read's: "Summary View of the Spontaneous Electricity of Earth and Atmosfphere"
    • "PART V. ON ATMOSPHERICAL ELECTRICITY, THE phenomena of eleētricity, that we have hither to deſcribed, are ſufficiently curious, and many of them extremely intereſting; but they are trifling, when compared with thoſe that are now to come under our confideration. In the preſent part of our article, we are to view the electric fluid as one of the principal agents, employed to produce ſome of the moſt remarkable and aſ toniſhing phenomena of nature. We are about to prove, by a ſeries of the moſt ſatisfactory experiments, that thunder and lightning are merely the effects of a vaſt exploſion of accumulated electricity in the atmoſphere. "  [errors of computer misrepresent some copy-pasted characters]

    • page 786 did not get scanned properly; the left column is mostly absent. See if libraries have a copy of the book
    • cord 15oo Paris feet long    [ ] How long is a "Paris foot" ?

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