Atmospheric Electricity (AE)
      with an eye for AWE
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  • 1750 and 1752
  • Harvesting atmospheric electricity (AE)
  • AE affecting AWES
  • Kite systems that may play in harvesting AE (AE-AWES)
  • "Atmospheric electricity is always present"
  • negative lightning
  • positive lightning
  • kiting incidents with AE
  • FFAWE and AE
  • Flygen AWES and AE
  • Ground AWES and AE
  • Aerotecture and AE  
  • Damp tethers and AE
  • Conductive tethers and AE
  • Grounding AE
  • Avoiding AE injuries and deaths within AWE
  • Liability for AE injuries and deaths within AWE
    "In the power industry, the saying goes that there’s no small electrical event. Sadly, that means harms are always catastrophic for people who are electrocuted – often through no fault of their own – by faulty power lines and electrical equipment."  Source
  •  Atmospheric Electrostatics by   Lars Whlin

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