Arctic Sea Ice and Kiting
  • Use AWES to thicken sea ice during winters.
  • Travel by kite on the sea ice.
  • Lift water and drop the water on winter sea-ice.
  • Drop sea water from aloft kited platforms onto winter sea ice/
  • Earth's north polar region and kiting.
  • Use kite systems to drag icebergs to location for purposes.
  • WindSled         Inuit
  • ASU team proposes restoring Arctic ice with 10 million windmills    Dec. 2016
  • Arctic_Ocean  wiki
  • Arctic Sea Ice Is Growing Faster Than Before, But There's A Catch     Dec 10, 2018   But ...:   "The graph above by NASA shows an average 12.8 percent decline in average September sea ice extent, with the rate of decline increasing since the 1990s."
  • Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis 
  • Cryosphere          and    All about cryosphere
  • [ ]  Open question: What would form more effective artificially produced sea ice: pushed water direct to the top of sea ice or water sprayed from altitude onto extant sea ice during freezing-air time?
  • climate restoration
  • "Arctic sea ice has lost 80 percent of its volume since 1979, and the Arctic Ocean is increasingly ice-free in the summer."    QuoteSource 
  • Competing technologies: 
    • silica microspheres being explored by Ice911.  "hollow glass microspheres"  "Our solution can be thought of as a kind of small, fine, white beach sand that floats. In a sense, the material is a lot like snow. The reflective beads stick to ice and water on contact, and their chemical composition ensures they don't attract oil-based pollutants."
    • Increasing Arctic Sea Ice Albedo Using Localized Reversible Geoengineering

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Jan. 29, 2020, post by Joe Faust
We have long shared using kites to make ice. But Dr. Steve Desch and team have focused on making ice by wind power using sea water at the artic ocean.
"reverse sea-ice loss"

Dr. Steve Desch is a Professor of astrophysics in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University (2003-present).   Steven J. Desch  
 "reverse sea-ice loss"