• kite-balloon to serve communications using  "autonomous tethered aerostat."
  • kite-balloon flygen AWES   Their website seems to have dropped attention on this aspect of their history. Note here: Dec. 8, 2019, by Joe Faust
  • Video channel 
  • Altaeros SuperTower ST200
  • Ben Glass – CEO/CTO & Founder
    Adam Rein – Chairman/Founder
    Joseph Ryan – VP of Business Development, General Counsel
    Sheri Palazzo – VP of Engineering
  • BAT matters ???
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Dec. 8, 2015,                                post by Joe Faust
Quote from their website:
"After initially focusing on harnessing high altitude wind energy using its innovative aerial platform, Altaeros pivoted in 2015 to focus on a better solution to provide modern, high-speed connectivity to un-served and under-served rural communities."

 My comment:
Actually, their new focus on using high-altitude wind energy converts wind-energy to aid in the holding up of a kite-balloon that provides high altitude vantage for sending and receiving communication signals. LTA buoyancy is also used.  Thus, their system is still an AWES, still a kite system, and still a kite system that is configured to do good practical works. 

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