Aloft Assembly of Kite Systems

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Nov 26, 2019                         Joe Faust
Aloft Assembly of Kite Systems

Dave Santos: "Assembly aloft is predicted as the ultimate scaling method, eliminating ground-handling limitations. Popping kixels and kites open from packs, like parachutes, is another prime method. To the extent these methods do not have close prior art in AWE, they are claimed in the Open-AWE_IP-Cloud."

A birthing activity could be specifying various methods of feeding material to the assembly-aloft effort. An effort will be hereon:
  • Feed material to aloft points through use of active working system tethers. Say, crawl material up a system tether.
  • Feed material to aloft stations by line sailing packets.
  • Use lateral kite systems to lift and set material for aloft assembly.
  • Fly adjacent kite systems into positive position for integration to intended configurations.
  • As Santos indicated:  carry packed kixels and sub kite systems in mothership;  open what is wanted aloft; close what is not wanted open.
  • Manufacture forms aloft for use aloft.
  • ?    (what have we?)