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  • What are definitions of "airborne wind energy"?

  • AWE:  Tethered wings in fluid free-space that feed-from (and feed) entropy.                  ~Dave Santos

  • AWE is an art/technology of harvesting wind energy by means of fluid borne (air, water, plasma, and the like) objects that have by design means to cause pulling,  pushing, rotating, lifting, dragging, vibrating, bending, compressing, pumping, cutting ... in order to effect the fulfillment of desired practical purposes. AWE activity or application sectors form when focus and investment occur over some selected purposes.                  ~ Joe Faust

  • AWE faces the use of wind energy by flying things (artificial or natural, live or dead, tethered or untethered) for accomplishing secondary effects (grind, transport, charge batteries, pull items, give lifts, etc; some categories of AWE deal with making hydrogen or other chemicals; some categories of AWE deal with generating potential energy by water pumping, or making electricity for small or larger needs.

  • People in commercial and military aircraft that use onboard ram-air turbines (RATs) have airborne wind energy using resultant winds to gain advantages.

  • People in soaring and hang gliding and paragliding have airborne wind energy to effect advantages of time-in-air. Their awesome AWE provide recreational and commercial activities.

  • Factions within the wider AWE world may not have time to give coin to other factions of AWE, but lessons in one faction may well help the advance of AWE in other factions or categories.

  • Indeed, the wings and kited wings of AWE come in a vast number of sizes and shapes and materials.

  • People and workers in sub-categories of AWE might promote their sub-category defintiions of AWE in ways that neglect the larger AWE spectrum. E.g., AWEIA might neglect the full spectrum. Or traction workers might neglect the full spectrum. Or recreational kiting might neglect that they are part of the AWE spectrum, though they convert wind energy to effect the good of health and recreation and exercise in many ways.

  • AWE (activity): what AWEIA does: airborne wind energy: use wind by living or artificial things to achieve secondary effects.

  • Kiting in any setting is part of AWE.

  • Commercial airlines and ships at sea that plan to use wind or water currents against their wings (hulls too) in order to effect a good are AWE man ifestations.

  • Ballooning spiders (they actually kite in free-flight) are AWE participants.

  •  does not yet encompass the full meaning of AWE.

  • "Airborne wind energy is energy harvested from wind or other fluid flow by things flying in the air, tethered or not, that is used by nature or man to effect secondary effects of pulling, lifting, transporting, driving generators, etc."

  • using fluid borne devices to tap the involved fluid kinetic energy to perform works; scale was not a limiting factor.

  • "Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is a renewable energy technology that uses wind power devices rather than traditional wind turbines that take advantage of the kinetic wind energy, and remain in the air due to aerodynamic forces."
    This down-select definition shaved off some of the full rich meaning of AWE; that kind of shaving is done in order for writers to carve out aura for their narrowed interests; they are not looking at the fullness of airborne wind energy.

  • Airborne Wind Energy is a neodymium super-magnet for creative tinkerers. 
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AWE:  Tethered wings in fluid free-space that feed-from (and feed) entropy.

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