28042   Makani crashes at Sea
Aug. 15, 2019     Dave Santos
October 1, 2019      Dave Santos

Makani's growing community relations challenge in Hawaii

Still at stake is whether Makini's M600 problematic AWES architecture and testing is suited to operations near populations. The M600 has flown very little on the Hawaiian Big Island, due in large part on documented uncertainties and risks that led to the recent crash off the Norway Coast.

The Makani "stealth venture" (as its own PR once put it) has long covered up its mishap history and crash statistics (flight hours to crash ratio), and run afoul of FAA norms, while Google, its parent company, cooked AWE search results in favor of Makani PR (outranking even Wikipedia content).

This historic Waimea public meeting is a rare chance for a community to expect answers that no troubled AWE venture has ever been obligated to provide. Kitepower's recent crash in Valkenburg got smoothed-over, but Hawaii's famously welcoming culture has limits, much as Capt. Cook was first feted as a god, then killed like a dog.

Makani cannot afford a serious crash in Waimea. Engineers will be crossing fingers nervously during brief face-saving testing.
Waimea Community Association Meeting Set