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Abbas Rezaey
"The challenge is organized as a multistage plan to reach the ultimate goal
which is deployment of the first high altitude wind power generation station in New York."

  • AWECS classification schemes. Classification Challenge

  • Saeed Boyerahmadi, Nima Amjady, Abbas Rezaey  A New Approach for Classification of Airborne Wind Energy Generation Systems 
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My Patents in area of Airborne Wind Energy:          
http://iripo.ssaa.ir    Islamic Republic of Iran patent office.   Language: Persian

1. Contra-Rotor Tethered Wind Turbine System,

      Nima Amjadi, Abbas Rezaey, Patent No.71466, 2011

2. Contra-rotor Brushless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator,

      Mohsen Niasati,Abbas Rezaey, Filed, patent pending, 2012

  3. Complex Tethered Wind turbine,

      Nima Amjadi, Abbas Rezaey, Patent No.72028, 2011


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Abbas Rezaey
International Journal of Advanced Renewable Energy Research

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A Novel Approach for Modeling of Contra-rotor Axial Flux Brushless Induction Generators
Author(s): Mehdi Hedayatshodeh, Abbas Rezaey