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AWES Museum
~ Collect and share to the world
items from airborne wind energy systems (AWES)
or kite-energy systems ~

Online rooms:
AirborneWindEnergy  #1 forum
AWE RAD Participants
DSUTWP   forum
Glossary Room
UnderwaterKiteMuseum  master photo
HangGliderHistory   forum
Hang Glider Inventions
HangGliderMuseum   with forum also
Kite Arch
KiteApplications   forum
KiteBooks    forum
Kite Constructing
Kite Energy
Kite Engines
Kite Images
Kite Lines
KiteLinks   forum
KitePatents   forum
KitePlans   forum
Kite Reels
Kite Safety
Kite Tails
Kites Trains
Kite Types
Kiting Without Wind
Solar-Energy Kite Systems
Underwater Energy Kiting

Some developing auxiliary rooms:
ParaGlidingUnlimited forum
WingRunning    forum


What is a kite? 

A kite is an aircraft or watercraft system consisting of wings tethered to an anchor system. Frequently a wing of a kite is referenced as "kite." A kite may have more than one wing, more than one tether, and more than one anchor. Anchors may be moving or fixed and may be seen as wings themselves.





Minor rooms:

Proposed room:

Fly-by-wire AWES


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  • AWES Museum is in an embryonic stage open 24/7/365 for the online rooms. Direct visits to brick-and-mortar rooms are not yet permitted except by appointment with the curator; some items are mobilized and shown in visits at exterior venues.  Los Angeles, California. Founded by K.I.T.E.S.A. Holdings are objects, papers, books, and digital records. Stewardship of most of the matter is by EnergyKiteSystems and shared to the world online.  Others may enter items for the collection by e-mail or URL reference or by postal mail arranged with the museum's curator. We sometimes travel to fetch items.
  • The entire collection displayed online of the various  K.I.T.E.S.A. works are included in the museum's holdings. 
  • The AWES Museum provides a room for international technical development of kite-energy AWES. People strongly interested in AWES technical development, especially via collaborative and cooperative efforts are encouraged to participate in the conversations and sharing process. Access to the room is free: AirborneWindEnergy      This is the main gathering place for serious developers of airborne wind energy. This is a room in which one may announce, share, collaborate, cooperate, critique, suggest, recommend, point.  Over 11,000 messages hold AWES matters.
  • A branch of AWES Museum is the collection HangGliderMuseum where the focus is on converting wind energy to mechanical lifting of wings, people, and goods for various purposes using the technology of hang gliders of the kite-glider sorts.   A related room of the museum is HangGliderHistory       The AWES Museum also grows a major timeline for kite hang glider, a type of AWES that focuses on lifting mass into free-flight kiting with energy converted from winds.
  • DaveSantos/KiteLabUnderwaterKiteMuseumDaveSantos  Underwater Kite Museum amounts to a "room" in AWES Museum dedicated to divers that are paravanes or underwater kites.
  • The room "KitePatents" allows open public discussion of AWES patents. The collection grows nearly daily. Access is free.
  • Working AWES that perform specialized tasks are collected by the AWES Museum. The public is invited to add and further the descriptions of applications for kite systems where the energy derived from the wind is used for useful purpose. Access is free to the KiteApplications room.
  • The AWES Museum collects links to videos that tend to advance kite-energy systems. Access to the video room is free. We have two rooms:   Videos  
  •  The AWES Museum collects selected links to radiant sources of information that tend to advance kite-energy systems. Such collection grows nearly daily. The public is encouraged to add to this collection and discuss the involved matters related to selected links:    KiteLinks    Access to the room is free to the public.
  • The AWES Museum has a book room. Links to books and the discussion of selected books is encouraged. Access to the room is free to the public. Additions keep occurring.    KiteBooks
  • Images tell stories. Those stories are invited. The museum's image room is free and access is easy: KiteImages   Please add links to images or the images themselves. Discuss the images.
  • The AWES Museum has a room dedicated to plans and specifications for AWES, kite-energy systems, and kites. The world is invited to share detailed plans.   KitePlans
  • The energy of the wind effectively used in kite hang gliders is the focus of the museum's room on hang glider inventions. Interested persons add items to the room for discussion:  HangGliderInventions     Welcoming notes from all.
  • The museum room dedicated to the "lines" of AWES is KiteLines.  As AWES have three major sets of essential parts, the line set or tether set being one, a dedicated museum room has been growing. Interested persons are welcome to visit and advance the collection of studies about kite-system lines.
  • An increasingly visited room of the museum is that which is dedicated to knowing the types of kite-systems which become players in AWES.  The public is invited to describe new found kite types and discuss them. Access to the room is free.   Kite Types
  • A room of the museum dedicated to flip wings keeps drawing attention. There are yet many things to be added to this collection. And the public may help curate the collected items. Access is free.  FlipWings
  • There is a room in AWES Museum dedicated just to gyrokites for all uses. The international public may freely join in the collection and curating process; they may discuss openly and share there gyrokite interests.  Gyrokites  |
    And www.GyroKites.com
  • AWES Museum has an online room just for systems and devices that hold tethers: Kite Reels The international science and engineering community as well as technicians, crafts persons, sports persons, and hobbyists, are invited to advance effective systems for handling AWES tether systems. Flying dome and mesh AWES bring strong challenges to the kite-energy world, including the handling of lines.
  • DSUTWP is a room of the AWES Museum that faces untethered airborne energy production using dynamic soaring tactics.  This is distinguished from the museum's room FFAWE that uses tactics where tethers are employed.
  • AWES will face calms occasionally. An option sometimes is to fly the AWES without wind; development of methods is part of the mission of the room KitingWithoutWind which is open to all interested person.
  • KiteEnergy
  • Some developing auxiliary rooms of the museum:

  • The AWES Museum has a collection of hyperlinks to resources that hold content affecting the AWES world. Such links are primarily being collected in the AWES Glossary Room
  • The AWES Museum has been collecting the names of people, companies, and institutions that are involving in AWES. This collection grows continually and may be visited in the Stakeholders.
  • KiteArch room is for the study and discussion of kite arches. A kite arch is a kite system that forms an arch in the sky or in bodies of water or both. A kite arch has one or more wings in it, two or more tethers and two or more anchor points. Anchoring varies. There are many sorts of kite arches.
  • KiteTrains room of the museum is for the study and discussion of kite trains, primarily those that are not operating as an arch, for which see the Kite Arch room.  Kite trains will include kite coteries, kite stacks, kite trees, and kite meshes that are not arching or doming.
  • WingRunning is a new room being constructed.
The kite-motor by Dave Santos sans lifter kite is held in the museum.  DiscussHere
Los Angeles brick-and-mortar site visited-by-appointment log (incomplete yet):
  • William Liscomb
  • Bob Kuczewski
  • Angela Boras
  • Joe Greblo
  • Art Bean (RIP)
  • Jackie Terrell
  • Tracie Terrell
  • Steve Thomas
  • Jennifer Larson
  • Joy McDougall
  • Shane Taylor
  • Beth Castillo
  • David Maraniss

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