Nigeria index
May 11, 2010

Here is a summary of AWE Initiatives & Prospects In Nigeria as at today
- 11th May 2010:

1. Lagos State Government Rice Farm Irrigation Project:
A 40-Hectare State Pilot Irrigated Rice Farm Project around Badagry. We presently have an offer to install a fully functional AWE Irrigation Demonstration System for any piece of the Rice farm and get an assured deal for the whole farm and other such.

2. Bird Scaring: The Rice Farm in (1) above and now the Murtala Mohammed International Airport amongst others have need of Bird Control. Again, effective demonstration of AWE capability in this field and business flows.

3. Fishing Festivals $ Boat Regattas: Nigeria is very keen on developing her tourism potentials. New Minister of Tourism under President Goodluck Jonathan is very accessible to us and is willing to embrace novel tourism-boosting ideas. Enhancing already established Fishing Festivals and Boat Regattas such as Argungu, Pategi, etc with Kiting fun and Kite-Energy demos initially at our own expense will draw paid patronage subsequently.

4. Pumped Hydro-Storage for Energy Generation: Nigeria has abundant Natural Water Flows suitable for Hydro-Power generation. Seasonal fluctuations in river volume affect effectiveness of these Hydro Stations such as the famed Kainji - AWE Pumped Hydro-Storage Market is available once capability can be proven locally or at demonstrator's expense outside Nigeria (including Nigerian Officials' trips).

5. Direct Power Generation at Scales >= 500W: Meaningful Power solutions for individual homes, offices, shopping malls, Residential Estates and Large scale Utilities. Nigeria needs Electricity at economic rates, the market is in abundance.

6. AWE Education & Trainings: Our University of Ibadan Certificated Online AWE Course by the Kite Pilot School takes off in July 2010, scholarships for indigent students will go a long way in making this course available to more willing participants and pay for Physical instructors' visits to facilitate vital practical sessions.

7. AWE Components Supplies & Manufacturing: Basic Kites and other AWE components can be manufactured locally with modest investments in well-equipped crafts centres.

8. National Technology Adoption Initiative: We presently have our proposal with the FGN which has received favourable disposition to-date. Logistics support for necessary periodical follow-up visits to the Federal Capital Territory is critical now to ensure we reap the fruition of this bold and promising initiative.