Toy kite videos.... meeting the teacher (kite system) at the toy level:
 converting the wind's energy to do various works from moving young fingers and legs or hearts to grand playful works.

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  1. Sled Kite      
  2. Washington Kite Festival 2006
  3. Lotto Kite festival International 2009 Oostende (Belgium)
  4. 2007 Adelaide kite festival
  5. International Kite Festival 2010, Ahmedabad
  6. Lincoln City Kite Festival
  7. Coolum Kite Festival 2006 Video
  8. Newport Kite Festival
  9. Berkley kite festival 2010
  10. KITE FESTIVAL Kite flyers from across the world come to Bedford. Thousands of people flocked to Russell Park at the weekend to enjoy the Eighth Annual Bedford ...
  11. Smithsonian Kite Festival - March 2010
  12. 11th Thailand International Kite Festival (Colouring the Sky)
  13. Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival                       2008
  14. International kite festival begins in Gujarat