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The WindBelt
TM—a magnet mounted on a vibrating membrane simply oscillates between wire coils.
wind-oscillated ribbon electric generator

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  • 55 minute talk:  Windbelt Cheap Generator Alternative  video    wind generator,   Humdinger wind energy,  micro-scale power component, power-conditioning unit, challenge of micro-micro-scale wind, white LEDs, small magnets, minimize wearable parts, funnel wind, matched load, laminar flow, non-laminar flow, small wireless sensor systems may use small WindBelt technology, hydro votex shedding, dynamic tensioning, more efficient than micro-turbines, "there is no other small wind power,"  stays open-source in developing countries just by the nature of the patent system, rural electrification, WiFi node duty, [ ] AIDG.org  , "The revolutionary inventions of the next 50-100 years--the industry starters--will mostly be created in developing countries."   "Harder problems make for better invetnions."  He adds that tight constraints spawn better inventions.    Spin vs flutter. He points out the large difference between flat-like flutter of a belt and a torisional flutter; he was favoring the flat belt flutter that could drive the up and down magnets set on near the belt ends. Scaling up brings the sound challenge.  Wind cut-in speeds. Shape of belt had not been explored much. Mass of belt? Mass of magnet?  Challenges of scaling up persist. Spanning extant structures (window frames, mountains siding valleys, etc).  Use protected first-world applications to help fund third-word distribution.
  • Feasibility Study of a Vibration-electric Generator for Bridge Vibration Sensors  Williams, C. B.; Pavic, A.; Crouch, R. S.; Woods, R. C., Proc. SPIE Vol. 3243, Proceedings of the 16th International Modal Analysis Conference., p.1111 here.Publication Date: 00/1998     Origin: SPIE   Bibliographic Code:  1998SPIE.3243.1111W
  • Language: Japanese:
    Study on vibrational electric generator with impedance control
    Ken SASAKI, Jun OKAZAKI, Hiroshi HOSAKA and Kiyoshi ITAO

    Keywords: Vibration, Electric generator, Impedance control, Ubiquitous computing
    Journal ref: Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering,
    Vol.70, No.10 pp. 1286-1290, 2004
    This paper presents theoretical analysis and design method of a linear vibrational electric generator that converts kinetic energy of vibration into electricity. The generator is intended for applications such as supplying electricity to sensors or small information devices that must function without batteries for a long period of time. The generator is modeled as a one-degree-of-freedom vibration system. It is shown that the maximum output is attained when the generator is vibrating at its resonant frequency and at its mechanically movable maximum amplitude. The vibration amplitude is controlled by changing the electro-mechanical damping of the vibration system. The experimental system consists of three stationary generator coils and a moving permanent magnet unit suspended by leaf springs. A micro controller monitors the generator output and changes the connection of the generator coils to adjust the electro- mechanical damping to maximize the generator output. This system generated power of 100mW with 29% efficiency when external vibration of 6Hz with 5mm(p-p) amplitude was applied.
  • Aeroelasticity#Flutter

Some questions

  • How does the WindBelt generate electricity?  Scale?  Micro-WindBeltTM to large tower-held belts?
  • Has a kite system incorporating a WindBelt demonstrated making and use or storing electricity?
  • What patents seem to relate to the method found in WindBelt?
  • Are there already scientific instruments or marketed products that use the wind or fluid flow to vibrate belts, ribbons, strings, etc. with the purpose of generating electrical signals?
  • Has aeroelastic flutter been used in transducers? Has  flutter oscillation been at the core of electric production in any prior scenes?
  • Text not availableELECTRICAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT   Benioff
    Patent number
    : 2239985
    Filed: Aug 12, 1938
    Issued: Apr 1941

    When a musical stringed instrument's strings are vibrated and the mechanical vibrations are converted to electrical signals for broadcasting, then how close is such matter with the WindBelt?
  • Electromagnetic transduction?  Where has this principle been applied?
  • Rotary Ribbon kites simply rotate. This is not the aeroelastic flutter involved in the WindBelt.
  • Ribbon and wriggle tensional wings that flutter derive electricity via means different from the WindBelt.  Discuss.
  • Frayne's insistence that for the very small  "there is no other small wind power" ...than WindBelt---- will be a fun challenge. The flapping of a bee's wings were once thought insufficient for carrying the bee.  All are invited to discuss this challenge.
  • There are non-WindBelt ways to use aeroelastic flutter to collect energy and to make electricity. 
  • Proposition: The mechanical principles used in WindBelt were taught in earlier patents. Open for discussion. Using vibrating strings and diaphragms fluttered by moving air to generate electricity seems to have been the working principles taught in earlier patents and products. Explore music, sensors, transducers, telephone,
  •  The alternating current (AC) is rectified to give a direct current (DC) for applications.
  • Dave Santos has already been long investigating airfoil shapes for flutter Sputnik wings that work omni-directionally with derivation of electricity by various means. Also his flipper wings are in this realm.  Discuss?
  • Wobble
  • Ribbon microphone      Dynamic mics or microphone.  http://stories1st.org/sound.php?s=187&a=23   Mentioned is the affect of moisture on the vibrating ribbon element.   Consider also the affect of temperature changes, altitude pressure, solar radiation, UV damage, stretch, dynamic tensioning, smoothing of gains,
  • Oscillating ribbon generator, oscillating ribbon signal generator, oscillating ribbon electric generator, wind-oscillated ribbon electric generator,
  • http://www.springerlink.com/content/w462441346003384/   The response of turbulent flow to the disturbance of a vibrating ribbon
  • quoting from http://www.humdingerwind.com/management.html   ::

    Shawn is the inventor of the core wind generator technology on which Humdinger is founded. Previous to his involvement with Humdinger, Shawn successfully matured two technologies, in the fields of "green" packaging and water disinfection, from concepts into developed products in pre-production. He established a strong intellectual property base surrounding those technologies and in early 2006 sold substantial rights to a Fortune 500 company. He is presently involved with refining the manufacturing processes of those products in facilities that have been built overseas.

    He is also part of an on-going effort established four years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop low-cost technologies by which entrepreneurs in Haiti can transform agricultural wastes into saleable cooking fuel.

    Shawn has six pending U.S. patents. He has his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Sensors with oscillating elements  
  • Institute of Physics (IOP)     Author guide:
    • "Articles should not:
      • present new but trivial and obvious results
      • make unsubstantiated conclusions
      • bury new results beneath too much scene-setting and recapping of findings already published
      • present incremental research "
  • What is known about oscillating ribbons as signal generators? Early published notes on vibrating-ribbon signal generation?
  • What is new in Humdinger, Inc.'s. offering in the WindBeltTM  ?  Discussion is open.
    Is there any new physics?
    Is there new application?
    Is there new ornamental design of former same-duty device?
  • Show carefully the distinction between these: Santos Flipper, Santos Sputnik, VAWT, VAWT ribbon, Skybow ribbon, unidirectional rotary Magnus effect turbine, wind-oscillated ribbon generator with ribbon holding conductor, wind-oscillated ribbon generator with ribbon holding magnet, skyhooked Santos oscillating wings, ribbon rotor (Roeseler), oscillating diaphragm signal generators, Wind Dam,  etc.             Essays are invited.         
  • Could the ribbon be the conductor while the permanent magnet is off the ribbon instead of the magnet riding on the ribbon?  Perhaps near the ends of the ribbon, the ribbon could have coiling conductors that feed into and then out of the ribbon at the end; the oscillating coil would vibrate between magnet heads.   Discuss.
  • Where in kite systems would signal-generating vibrating ribbons be placed? Purposes? Size?
  • Noise-making oscillating ribbons are cousins to electricity-making oscillating ribbons.
  •   Wind For the People Cost vs. Efficiency of Wind Turbines 
    • Ribbon-Piezoelectric Crystal
    • Oscillating fan
    • Project by Claire Kennedy, Courtney Devoid, Joanie Stultz, and Raivynn Smith, assisted by Prof. T. Tailer

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