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Former list  

2008 list

Aug 2009 web list  
Ten from 2008 list to August 2009 list. Fourteen are not shown in the new August 2009 list.  Eight are new to make 18 shown on website. We have not information to confirm what is the full list.

  1. Saul Griffith Article1 "The 33-year-old learned he'd won a 2007 MacArthur Fellowship, the no-strings-attached "genius grants" of $500,000 over five years." Co-founder of Makani Power, Inc. President and Chief Scientist at Makani Power, Inc. See: "Wind team" at Makani Power, Inc. [a major player in the commercial kite power field]. Kite surfing innovator.
  2. Don Montague Co-founder of Makani Power, Inc.
  3. Corwin Hardham
  4. Geoffrey Dolan
  5. Andrew Forrest
  6. Andrew Laska
  7. Pete Lynn, Jr.   2009 note: Flying kite for power generation
  8. Marko Cosic
  9. Sebastian Marino
  10. Decimo "Dudu" Mazzocato
  11. James McBride
  12. Ryan McKinley
  13. Rob Nelson
  14. Mose O'Griffin
  15. Jonathan Pompa
  16. Zach Radding
  17. Abe Schneider
  18. Jamie Schulte
  19. Andrea Dunlap
  20. Sig Hafstrom
  21. Jamie Ross
  22. Shakira Al-Musawwir
  23. Dante Siracusa,    Business Manager at Makani Power Inc.
  24. Zola Volsan
  25. Scott Parker
  1. Don Montague      
  2. Corwin Hardham
  3. Geoffrey Dolan
  4. Daniel Yum
  5. Rob Nelson
  6. Daniel Benoit
  7. Mose O'Griffin
  8. Abe Schneider
  9. Jamie Schulte
  10. Shakira Al-Musawir
  11. Dante Siracusa
  12. Damon Vander Lind
  13. Kenny Jensen
  14. Eric Chin
  15. Munho Choi
  16. Silvio Bruguda
  17. Becker Van Niekerk

Former intern: Alexander Cosic, past intern at Makani Power.  He is involved in ESMO project.