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To make the most of wind power, go fly a kite
14 May 2008
From New Scientist Print Edition.
Michael Brooks


AWE Sector

May 2010 progress: 

  • AWE Journal started.    Full.      AbstractsPublic
  • AWE Journal   guide for authors page started.
  • AWEIA join form initiated.
  • AWE Patents monthly announced.
  • AWE Notes monthly announced.
  • AWE Glossary featured in an announcement.
  • AWE Quarters announced and outlined. Quarterly for AWEIA.
  • AWE Companies started: Airborne Wind Energy Companies  will list AWEIA company members including supply chain companies.
  • Publications for AWEIA members:

    • AWE Sector     (members receive passkey of two parts in lowercase; avoid use of spacebar) 

      • AWE Glossary (members are encouraged to add terms with supporting notes and links, especially to support their AWECS interests) 

      • Scores of ever-growing folders of files 

      • Calendar 

    • Monthly PDF format presented in AWE Sector

      • AWE Patents

      • AWE Notes   

    • AWE Quarters  Each quarter, publish a PDF and send it to AWEIA members via a web link set in an e-mail.
      Reports to be included in the quarterly:   

      • President's message  

      • Safety 

      • Airspace governance 

      • Agreements 

      • Installations 

      • Contracts for installations

      • AWE companies

      • Voting results on issues  

      • Link to polls on issues 

      • Technology

        • Traction (ship, boat, yacht, sport, land, special tug works; niche applications as sawing, grinding, launching gliders, drag cleaning nets, plowing soil, scraping land, pulling vehicles, pulling objects, etc.) 

        • GroundGen   (all scales) 

        • FlyGen (all scales) 

        • Fixed offshore  

        • Free-flight (single aircraft, coupled aircraft)

        • Lifted-cable transportation

        • Scales (micro, miniature, toy, sport, residential, nomadic, commercial, utility, national, free-flight)

        • Niche applications of working kites and working aerostats (bird scaring, advertising, lifting hang gliders, lifting water, lifting skydivers, and more)

        • Tether

        • Line handling

        • Generators and motors

        • Controllers

        • Materials

        • Energy storage 

        • Inspection 

        • Systems management 

      • Education  

      • AWECS management 

      • AWECS skilled-worker positions development 

      • Customer service 

      • Committees 

      • Financial  

      • Progress of AWEIA 

      • National AWE organizations 

      • Membership  

      • Accidents, analysis, and lessons

      • Standards 

      • Records 

      • Announcements 

      • AWE community beginnings and endings

      • Links 

      • Job offerings

      • Advertisements 

      • ...other

    • Airborne Wind Energy Companies   This publication lists AWECS companies and AWECS supply-chain companies that are members of AWEIA. This publication is present in HTML format for the public.

    • AWE Journal    Refereed-by-peers articles. Copyright is held by AWEIA and by authors.   AWEIA presents the AWE Journal to members; copies are sold separately to non-members for a low fair price to cover order handling.. Abstract of the articles are presented in public.  Add articles as they are approved. Put this in section in AWE Sector.    Have abstracts in public, but sell copies via PayPal at the abstract public page.

    • UpperWindpower trade organ for the AWECS industry

Some recent added items in the AWE Sector where subscribers post directly on topics. 

  • Ever-growing AWE Glossary being built by all interested companies, leaders, authors, inventors, scientists, engineers, kite experts, historians, and more.
    All are urged to send paragraphs and links expanding term footprints in AWE glossary:
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