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Study of tether claims in a November 2009 application for patent
WO 2009/142762 CLAIMS PCT/US2009/003179

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The claimants:

Saul Griffith, Peter Lynn, Don Montague, and Corwin Hardham

are cordially invited to participate in the discussion and study. 
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Generally, we are working for clarity, understanding of any novelty that might be beyond what is obvious to those skilled in the related arts, and clear references for what might not be novel, but claimed to be so.  Professional examination of claims may help to give benefits to the emerging industry of tethered fluid power.

Even if one of the 21 claims proves to be novel and non-obvious to skilled artisans, then this effort will be worth the effort; a party will be held to celebrate the progress. If that does not occur and all claims are obvious to those skilled in the arts, then a party can still be held, as the effort will refresh matters for others coming into the field. In both cases, the party can begin with YOUR participation in the study and discussion on tether topics.


click>> Application for a patent regarding tethers in AWECS in PDF format
is updated
so text can be put on clipboard for discussion purposes.

We have formed pages here in this folder where anyone in the public or AWECS industry may comment on each of the claims found in the patent application.

>> It will be key to celebrate non-obvious novelty.
>> It will also be key to note over-claim in order to avoid unnecessary future litigation in the AWECS industry. 

Use the easy online submit-comment forms; after short review for potential abuse, we will post your comments on those claim-study pages.   Support historical remarks with references and links, as possible.    

Photos, drawings, and notes may also be sent to  tetherclaims@aweia.org  
or to  tethers@hawpa.net
 for publication in this study.

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