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Use options for AWECS tethers

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Primary use is to hold the AWECS lifting body so reactions occur with the stream (air, water, gases, soil, even solids, gravels, soils, photo streams, blood, food, feeds, etc.)

Secondary uses of the main tether of an AWECS

  • Conduit of vibrations
  • Conduit of tension
  • Conduit of electricity
  • Conduit of compressed air
  • Conduit of pressurized gases
  • Conduit of laser light
  • Conduit of heat
  • Conduit of chemicals that transmit chemical energy
  • Conduit of goods
  • Conduit of control signals
  • Conduit of data
  • Conduit of light
  • Conduit of water
  • Use direction change of tether to give direction to a tipping boom that is working to generate electricity or do other tasks.
  • Use direction change of tether to give direction to rocking arm
  • Use tether's reeling out and reeling in to saw, grind, compress, hammer, turn electric generators, tug ships, pull masses, load flywheels, pull recreating people,
  • Hang goods, laundry, messages, advertising
  • Hang units of turbines
  • Hang units of stream-reacting devices
  • Hang photographic equipment
  • Hold home in the sky
  • Hold up wet laundry for drying
  • Hold up wet fine art to dry in the sun hung in the wind.
  • Use system energy to pump water up tether for spraying water out on crops.
  • Use tether as cableway to pull hang gliders up for launching.
  • Place on tether a high recreational platform for dining experience.
  • Have expandable hollow tether for letting animals crawl up and down inside the tether.
  • Have expandable hollow tether that lets human slide down inside the hollow from aloft
  • Hang varidrogue energy-capturing devices
  • Climbing skyhook
  • Transport people up and down the tether
  • Send up items to be released from above
  • Collect from aloft atmospheric water and stream the water down the tether to hydrate plants, animals, people, and industry
  • Feed stream of seeds for dropping seeds from above
  • Feed cloud-seeding chemicals in weather-engineering effort
  • Send repair parts to maintenance crew up the line
  • Bead the tether with additional units of devices that generate electricity
  • Form the tether to be a blade ( like Santos and Selsam)
  • Form the tether to be with the form for butterfly-like opening and closing for varidrogue electric generation or bringing on wanted line-tension pulsations
  • Butterfly-form the lower tether for bringing on a lowering of the line angle as tractioning  line enter the tug of a ship, etc. 
    Pulsating butterfly tether (PBT):
      The tether's fairing is operable to full open to full closed position. During full open position, there is high drag.  During full closed position there is minimal line drag. The pulsating change in tension may be used in several ways. The aerodynamic change of drag from the pulsations may be used in several ways from control to energy generation.  The PBT may occupy a short or long segment of an AWECS tether.        jpf    COOIP
  • Treat tether's surface for cutting lines of other kites in kite fighting sports.
  • Color tether for logistics purposes, artistic purposes, code-message purpose
  • Build tether of special materials to fulfill special purpose.
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