Peter Adams
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Research in 2017 March
  • Video of 2011    Petit Cravate d'Arc, Quad Line Kite, Pete Adams Design © 2011
  • Whatever Kite Factory USA at Whatever Kite Factory USA proving grounds.February 13, 2013 ·
    A Peter Adams design... Early test flight... Red/Brown Parasail Ripstop
  • "Kites with imagination, care and craftsmanship from the best materials"
  • whateverkite.factoryusa@yahoo.com
  • Sep 15, 2012 - ... interested in a quality kite for your next backpacking or peak bagging trip, you can contact Pete
    • What was offered?      www.apexweb.com/iglide-bacpacit-kite/
    • "Tags: BacPacIt, iGlide, kite, Whatever Kite Factory USA | 09/15/2012
      Pete Adams is lead designer (and manufacturer, and chief bottle washer) of Whatever Kite Factory USA.
      Last Summer I commissioned him to design me the world’s lightest backpacking kite —
      a real one with a frame and not a mere paraglider. He designed a couple of prototypes
      and I selected the “heavier” of the two [...]"
  • Founded 2008. Bring smile. Sky uniqueness.
  • AoxomoxoA   What is this?
  • https://www.facebook.com/pg/WhateverKites/posts/?ref=page_internal
  • Many unique wing designs.
  • UniGlider/Fighter36 UL designed by Pete Adams built in the Whatever Kite Factory USA 2012
  • UFloater
  • To Ray Bethell: "Date:    25-01-2008
    Name:    Peter Adams
    Location:    Meridian, Calif USA    There are four Meridian, CA    Which one, for the factory?
    Message:    All I can say Ray is WOW. You are an interesting soul and I love to fly kites! I hope our paths cross in person someday. Pete"
  • OSOW        |        One Sky One World  representing in 2011 the USA-Pacific:       Meridian, California
    Petit Cravate d'Arc kite train for peace and understanding in this world we share... (Peter Adams)
  • Video: "Pete's kite"     He is practicing flying a Rev.    Perhaps circa 2013.
  • iGLIDE Bac-Pac-It
  • iGLIDE Bac•Pac•It glider kite #1

  • http://www.apexweb.com/iglide-bacpacit-kite/  

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