Questions inviting answers.
Open questions that might be the core of research for masters or doctoral research.  
(not yet comprehensive)
  • How might kites capture the energy in large mountain lee rotors for making electricity?
  • How might flexible ribbon rotors be operated without using tip or hub powering?
  • How might inflated reefable rotors perform in kite systems?
  • How might fluttering clothes of aeronaut hang glider be both solar-radiation collector converters to electricity as well as dynamically generating electricity to be used to extend soaring flight? That is, there is flutter in the hang lines and clothes of the hang glider kite pilot; use that flutter to generate electricity; also the very material surface is a potential solar-textile electricity maker. Two methods of getting electricity from one object as that object flutters and is exposed to light! Aim to perfect such with low-mass costing...or by full double-purposing of structure, let the mass cost for the electricity be zero.   Of course, get the flutter out of the clothes and hang lines would result in better soaring and less need to sustain flight by electricity!
  • Any and all masters theses and doctoral dissertations related to kite power are sought.
  • Masters theses and doctoral dissertations that are presently in the making are of interest; please send information of your works and interests to News@energykitesystems.net  Suspect departments: physics, mathematics, engineering, atmospheric sciences, robotics, alternative energy, aeronautical engineering,
  • Anticipated leak rate for kytoons made of arriving nanotech-material bladders?
  • How to score or rate proposed kite energy schemes?  What counts? How to weigh costs? What is the actual cost of the energy (COE) from a scheme?
  • How much might be learned from scale contests?
  • June 1999:   Better?
  • Mode of advancing AWES R&D?
    • "start with the marshmallow on top" while prototyping empirically and iteratively in fast cycles-"  AWES5202

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