Why "open-source" kiteology?

Closed-source and  open-source are two dynamically positive aspects of kiteology that are essential to progress. Absent one of the sectors and we get less for the world. There needs to be incentives for a variety of attitudes and purposes among those who study, design, and develop kite systems.

Orderly investing huge sums and assets is helped by patent systems combined with risked investing. But there is more to studying kite systems: effective results for the benefit of life on earth (plants, animals, humans) as a target can be served by the open-source-minded people who aim to find and express Nature's gifts and options, even if to tease the closed-source sector to be active on the best possible arts.  Others are invited to discuss this question:   News@energykitesystems.net     Hopefully when large sums are set in motion on a solution, that solution will be at a high level. May open-source kiteology help have a high level happen in the closed source sector.  And may the choices of closed-source sectors be used as a space of results that will spur even further progress by workers of both open and closed manners. 

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