What is the lure or tease?

(not yet comprehensive)

  • We like kites and kiting--and wonder if kite systems could be used to generate electricity in a manner that would reduce world pollution of air and land while advancing the quality of life of humans, plants, and animals.
  • The wind, because of boundary layer effects, is stronger higher up. Ground-based wind turbines use a slower wind than kites lofted to altitude. Upper winds: stronger, more persistent, smoother, more predictable, and with more choices of altitudes as needed; these factors increase capacity factor for working systems.
  • Kite anchors may take much less ground structure than ground-based energy generation plants.
  • Water in motion invites use of underwater kites. Ocean and river currents invite the "flying": of hydro kites.
  • Wind occurs at all points of the earth's surface...over land and over water.
  • Wind may lift and drag air kites moored to water turbines that are fixed or mobile. Move cargo by kite tug even while the tug turns water turbines making electricity; arrive with charged giant batteries or ultracapacitors; off-load cargo and the gained electricity. The wind and water are there inviting humans to draw upon the huge renewable energy without pollution.
  • Regenerative braking teases kiting of gliders as kites and letting the propellers turn to generate electricity.
  • Earth is one environment to consider for kites. However, beyond earth there may be applications for kite-generated electricity.
  • Convergence of GPS, RC, micro-robotics, nanotech materials, smart programming, and kite advances invite fresh reviews of ways to derive electricity from winds and from kite systems in particular.

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